AKG K551 + Marantz Hi-Fi Set

AKG K551 + Marants Hi-Fi

Hey there!

Just thought I add this photo of AKG headphones & the Marantz audio player for fun. I used my Samsung S III and edited it with the phones’ default photo editor app. Looks not bad in an amateurish way….I think.

Anyway, I sell headphones, earphones and portable amplifier at the WOWLOUD Headphones Store. I hope to buy the business over from my current employers; 6 months from now. Thus, working on a strategy to do so. Wish me LUCK!

Also, if you live in Malaysia and happen to be in the market for some really good personal audio gear, do drop by the shop at Petaling Jaya.

The photo link will take you to the website for more details and shop location.



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